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Senior Graduation Shoot Wearing College Apparel

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

by Sarah Kay Photography

One of my seniors from my SKP 2021 Model Team came to me with the a graduation session idea. Bria and her friends wanted to do a graduation shoot together where they all wore their future college apparel. I thought this was such a great idea and was a really fun way to close on chapter + celebrate the upcoming one. Almost every girl was going to a different college so it made it really fun to showcase where everyone was going.

Two of the girls are attending UW-Madison in the fall the exact place we shot this session! We took pictures at some of UW-Madison's most iconic spots such as Bascom Hill and Memorial Union. At the top of Bascom Hill you can see Abe Lincoln on one side with a huge Wisconsin Badger banner, and on the other side you see the Capitol and Madison's iconic State Street. I love that these two girls were able to capture some memories in the same spots they will be spending lots of time at over the next four years - making new memories.

While it can feel sad that one chapter of life is coming to an end, a graduation session is a great way to look back and remember the exciting memories you felt starting a new season. It's also so sweet to see and remember the people you spent so much time with in your previous chapter. Graduation can feel bittersweet, but it's really nice to make the most of it and celebrate what is and what's to come!

Here are some amazing moments of friendship + excitement we created during this graduation session!

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