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Senior Styled Blossom Shoot at the UW-Madison Arboretum

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

I am so thrilled to return to this blog with an absolutely stunning shoot! To start off my 2022 senior season, my model team met up for a styled shoot in the blossoms at the UW-Arboretum. To say the photos turned out pretty, is simply an understatement.

I am so happy I get to work with these amazing, resilient seniors and to welcome another amazing senior photo season!

If you're new here - hi! I'm Sarah - a Wisconsin Wedding and Portrait Photographer. I am based in Madison, Wisconsin but I love to travel to wherever my job takes me.

senior styled shoot at the UW-Madison Arboretum.

I have had this thought of doing a senior shoot in the blossoms for a while now. The problem is, the trees are only in blossom for a few weeks during springtime. So, I thought what better way to introduce a blossom session than doing it with my 2022 Senior Model Team!

I brought this idea up to the girls and they were all for it. From there, we started planning spring outfits that would fit well with the blossoms. We stuck with mostly solid colors with a couple floral prints that paired really well with the blossoms. One of my girls, Araceli, even brought her prom dress, which looked absolutely amazing in the blossoms!

Our spring outfit wardrobe included smocked t-shirt blouses, light denim jeans, white blouses, button-up blouses, and even some cute denim overalls!

We started by walking through the UW-Arboretum and finding different kinds of blossom trees. We looked for full-bloom trees and found quite a variety! My favorite I think was the lavender blossom tree! I loved how vibrant and beautiful the petals looked.

And of course, I loved the cherry blossom trees. I feel like you can't not love their gorgeous pink hue! Absolutely gorgeous.

As we walked through and found our favorite blooms, I'd have the girls pose for some beautiful shots. We loved how nice the blossoms smelled! It felt serene to stand among the potent, and gorgeous blooms.

We also threw down a picnic blanket amongst the grass and blooms. I loved how dreamy this picnic-style senior portraits turned out! It felt like the perfect spring afternoon.

Many seniors schedule their session in the summer, but spring is a great option too! It's typically less humid, buggy, AND you get these amazing blossoming trees! If you're looking to get your senior pictures done, the blossoms are a perfect theme for your senior portraits!

If you're in southern Wisconsin in the springtime, I would definitely recommend checking out the UW- Arboretum in Madison! It was absolutely magical.

Check out more of the blossoms senior shoot here!

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